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This month I attended a new meetup called DenverJS that focuses on, you probably guessed it, JavaScript. Being a client-side programmer in Denver, I’m really excited about this one! In this post, I want to briefly review the 2013 kickoff session at Galvanize.

What about DenverJS?

Straight from their meetup profile:

Focused on developing the Javascript community along the Front Range! We welcome any and all interested in Javascript and related technologies. We will be weighted towards node.js and server-side topics to balance out the already awesome Denver HTML5 group.

The Venue

The location of the venue is in downtown Denver allowing javascripters from all across the metro area to easily commute from the burbs. Some of the other meetups that are located in the Denver Tech Center make it harder for commuters coming from, say Boulder. I really like the central location.

Upon entering the venue, there’s a cafe/bar that was closed, but word has it that it will be open for February’s session!

DenverJS is at a place called Galvanize, which is an open office space for startups. I guess the only complaint that I would have about the location is that we had a small area in the back that left standing room only for attendees. I guess they didn’t anticipate that there are that many JavaScript nerds in Denver. I’m hoping for a more open space for future meetups.

The Meetup

The free pizza and beer might make you forget about how close you are sitting to a stranger or that you have to stand for 2 hours. The speakers were great in their JavaScript knowledge. For a minute there, Mike Brevoort, one of the organizers had me thinking I was watching stand-up comedy. Slides from his talk can be found here. The environment was really relaxed and I saw a few familiar faces from other meetups in the area.

I know this meetup is weighted towards node.js and server-side topics, but given that I have no use for this technology yet, the topics would have to be more focused on JavaScript in general in order for me to keep attending. I’ll be keeping a close watch on the topics from now on.

Other than not being able to keep up with the node.js lingo and being crammed like a sardine, I had a great time and was fully entertained!

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