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IE6 R.I.P. you P.O.S.

ie6 funeral

Tonight I attended the funeral of an old friend. IE6, what can I say about you…

When I met IE6 back in 2001, I thought he was the coolest thing since Netscape Navigator. Back then, there was not much to compare him with. We hung out every day. We got really close when I became a developer. For the most part, I only had to please him. Then he started drinking heavily, smoking pot and got lazy. I would come home and find him passed out on my desk. I had to treat him special to get him to comply with standards. He use to say that he set the standards. I tried to forget about him, but he was always in my face rejecting my way of doing things. I started hanging out with others, but he didn’t care what the other guys were doing or getting into. He was stuck in his old ways. My new friends respected what I was trying to do.

One day he embarrassed me pretty good. I had just graduated from art school. I was all excited about web standards. I had just signed a contract redesigning a website for a local optical lab. Little did I know IE6 had already been talking to my client. This was back in 2008, so I know IE7 was at least 2 years old. IE6 talked her into looking at my proposed prototype as he see’s it. I got an email describing, in detail, how the layout was broken. I took it as a lesson learned. Even if you’re hatin’ on elderly browsers, you can’t exclude them from your makeup and css. But, that was then…

ie6 funeral

Here we are, 2010 and Google has officially stopped supporting him. As a result, IE6 has committed suicide. So we mourn the demise of this elderly browser. IE6, we had our times, but in the end I am happy to see you die. I never liked you. I never understood why people insisted in keeping you around. You’re like a mooch! Never contributing to the community, yet you never knew that you wore out your welcome.

So, out of respect, I say to you. Rest In Peace you Piece Of Shit.

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