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HTML5 Denver Users Group – Stop Using Native HTML5

Tuesday, August 21st, 2012

The following is a short introduction provided by Kyle Simpson (@getify):

“No, don’t stop using HTML5, just stop using the native HTML5 JavaScript API’s directly. They’re still in flux, there’s still bugs that need to be shim’d, etc. Your code needs to use these features, but it needs to be more robust.

What you need is to use in your apps is a thin facade (wrapper API) around those features, so that as things change, bugs come and go, etc, all that needs to change is the internals of your facade, and not your actual app code.

H5API is a project to build these thin facade APIs for the various HTML5 native APIs. We’ll examine why we need something like this, and how H5API will help us build more robust HTML5 apps.”


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HTML5 Denver Users Group – The Making of a Sidescroller

Thursday, August 9th, 2012


HTML5 Denver Users Group co-founder David Geary demonstrated how to build a full-featured video game that runs smoothly on desktop and tablet browsers. His sidescroller video game consisted of scrolling background, parallax, sprites, collision detection and explosions! Here are my notes from his presentation.

  • CSS3 is implemented with hardware acceleration making it fast
  • When we don’t use hardware acceleration we’re hitting the CPU
  • Can’t do full featured video games without hardware acceleration
  • Auto-pause (When focus on a different window)
  • Slow fps detection
  • CSS3 transitions between lives


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