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jQuery Mobile: Enable Tap Highlight Color

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

By default Mobile Webkit assigns additional styles to forms, links and JavaScript clickable elements. You may have seen the highlighted box with round corners when you click on a link or focus an input field on your mobile device. Personally I find this annoying and they make a Rich Media Application(RMA) look like shit, but some clients will insist that usability is an issue when this default behavior is disabled.

By default jQuery Mobile disables this behavior and relies on custom button states and input field focus styles. I’ll admit that there is a little inconsistency when tapping a button, but double tapping by a low percentage of inexperienced users does not justify crayola-fying an otherwise elegant looking RMA… in my opinion.


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The House Rules

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Foosball Friday at my house is an event that has really taken off as of late. I tried to get it going for the last couple of years, but with it being on a Friday nite and my friends having a more active social life that I, I was lucky to get someone over for some one-on-one. Now that we have the usual suspects coming over to play, it’s time to document The House Rules. But, first a lil history about how this all came to be.


In 2007 we finally moved into a house after living in apartments for the past 9 years. A nice three bedroom/two bath two story house with plenty of room. There is a nice lil nook downstairs where the landlord ripped out a bar. When I asked why he removed the bar, he said “I don’t want to rent to someone who wants a bar in the house”. “Fair enough” I said. At least he left the Miller – America’s Quality Beer light that hangs from the ceiling.

My wife, at the time, loved this lil nook for a place to read stories to the children. She had a nice comfy chair with a matching ottoman. A book shelf for all the children’s books sat up against the wall. Shortly after she got this area all set up, a friend at work had just made the opposite move; from a house to an apartment. Six months prier, he had bought a Harvard Foosball Table. He said “You want it? It’s yours”. No Way! I was over to pick it up later that nite. I felt really bad about it, but the foosball table had to go somewhere and this nook had the perfect dimensions for it! The chair, ottoman and bookshelf was immediately moved into the spare bedroom.

This lil nook has seen its shares of battles. As the Foosball Friday trend continues, it will be the site of many more.

The House Rules


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