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Remove Subdomain From URL With JavaScript

Saturday, April 9th, 2011

To remove a subdomain from the current URL in the browser is easier than you think. In my situation, I need to remove the mobile subdomian so that I can set a cookie that can be used on both versions of the website domain. i.e. and I could have hardcoded the domain, but when you’re working with test and dev environments, it’s better to make it dynamic. Here’s what I came up with:

var separate = window.location.split('.');
var currentdomain = separate.join('.');


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jQuery Mobile Custom Icons

Monday, April 4th, 2011


It would be really nice if there was an easy way to create custom icons for jQuery Mobile. An ideal scenario, for me, would be to replace one of the un-needed icons in the provided icon set with my custom icon. Then, reference that icon by renaming the selector in the CSS. But, when I open the PNG, all the icons become jagged and pixelated. I’m not a Photoshop expert, so I could be doing something wrong. When opening icon-18-white.png in Photoshop, the files default color mode is Indexed Color. In order to edit this file, I need to change it. When I change the color mode, that’s when the icons degrade.


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Heros In The Healing Of The Nation

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Last nite I went to the Healing of the Nation Tour 2011 at the new City Hall Amphitheater in Denver, Colorado. This place is HUGE and Zion I & The Grouch packed the house! The crowd was hyped till the very end.

I thought it was gonna be a bum nite after two friends bailed at the last minute and I had to slang their tickets in the line outside of the venue. My friend Mareva came through as always! Even after gettin’ off a flight from New Orleans at 8pm. Thanks trooper! I even ended up splurging on a t-shirt.

I was able to get out my camera right before they performed Rockit Man! Enjoi!

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