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Thursday, March 31st, 2011

A lot of my family and friends don’t know what the hell I’m talking about when I use front-end developer jargon. Just the other day I threw out “IE” to the guy at the liquor store who steals MMA fights from a website he mentioned. I assumed he was savvy enough to know what I meant. He said, “say what?”. Turns out he was using Firefox, but my jargon was still foreign to him.

With the help of wikipedia, I’m going to attempt to educate non-geeks on what the hell I’m talking about. Since I’m a User Interface Developer, I’ll start with UI.

UI (User Interface)

In computer science and human-computer interaction, the user interface (of a computer program) refers to the graphical, textual and auditory information the program presents to the user, and the control sequences (such as keystrokes with the computer keyboard, movements of the computer mouse, and selections with the touchscreen) the user employs to control the program.


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