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Denver Zombie Crawl Breaks World Record

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Chayo Zombies

The Denver Zombie Crawl 2010 was everything I expected and more! With an estimated 7,300 zombies playing the role on 16th Street Mall, Denver was able to reclaim the record for “Largest Zombie Crawl” set by Seattle back in July. The official Guinness World Record for number of zombie WAS 4,233. Denver held the record back in 2009 with an estimated 4,000 zombies.

Who comes up with this stuff? I wonder who holds the record for most celebrity zombies or most naked zombies in one place. I saw Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and even death himself made an appearance. Although, I think death was just watching over his flock. My youngest son, Chayo, and I went as good old fashion zombies that raised from the grave due to some weird planet lining on top of a military chemical accident gone wrong. My oldest son, Diego, went as a result of reuniting with his father and little brother. Needless to say we all had a blast and it was apparent that everyone on 16th Street Mall did too; right down to the Japanese tourists walking around with a WTF look on their faces.


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